Jack Skellington inspired Nightmare Before Christmas Halter Dress for the littlest Tim Burton fans


We went to Disneyland over the weekend for some family fun time and also to get some better pictures of Miss Chloe’s Jack Skellington inspired halter dress.  I originally made this dress for her late last summer so that she would have something fun and festive to wear when we went to Friday the 13th at Disneyland, the kick off to Disney’s Halloween season. It also happened to be the 13th anniversary of the Haunted Mansion holiday and the 20th anniversary of the Nightmare Before Christmas movie, one of my family’s favorites! But I digress. Chloe wore this dress to several Disneyland trips between September and December and each and every time people would ask me where I got it. I finally decided it was time to add it to Chloe Michelle’s Closet.

Keith had fun photographing Chloe in her dress. We got comments on it all day, and it even scored our family an honorary caretaker of the Haunted Mansion certificate because the cast members working there were so impressed. The whole family got in on the fun donning Jack and Sally Disneybounds. Keith and Jeffrey wore the hand painted Jack Skellington inspired shirts I made for them and I wore my hand painted Sally tank top. Chloe and I wore matching Jack inspired hair bows. I neglected to get pictures of our accessories. Oh well! Maybe next time.

Here are some pics Keith took at our trip on Sunday.


Chloe modeling her Jack Skellington dress near the Haunted Mansion


Chloe showing us the back of her Jack dress on Tom Sawyer’s Island


The kids and I exploring Tom Sawyer’s island at Disneyland.


Miss Chloe and I exploring a cave in our Jack and Sally Disneybounds. 🙂

I wish we would have gotten a group shot, but alas, Keith was behind the camera entire time. Again, maybe next time. Well, that is all I have for you today folks. Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned TOMORROW for an exciting announcement. 🙂

Love & Lollipops, Crystal


About chloemichellescloset

Crystal Silvas is a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom to two beautiful children in sunny San Diego, Ca. She is the owner and designer of Chloe Michelle's Closet, boutique style tutus and other frilly things. She loves the beach, singing, sewing, crafting and Disneyland trips with her family. She especially loves all things frilly and girly.
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