Chloe Michelle’s Closet welcomes two new princesses to the fairytale princess collection, Princess Ariel and Princess Aurora

Things have been so busy around here!  We had a wonderful Easter weekend with family and resumed home school Monday after a nice Spring Break. As for sewing, I had a sudden rush of Elsa dress orders and then a slight lull, so I took advantage of that lull and added two new beauties to my Etsy shop, princess Ariel and Princess Aurora! (Well, Princess Aurora before she knew she was princess Aurora.) My sweet husband (of Keith Silvas Photography) was gracious enough to do a photo shoot with the kids Friday afternoon after he got home from his day job. My shop’s little namesake miss Chloe modeled my new Ariel town dress, also known as the “Kiss the Girl” dress from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Our son wore his Prince Eric outfit to compliment the dress. I may add this to the shop as well, but I need to work out pricing first.


My sweet babies as Ariel and Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid

Yesterday we did a shoot for my other newest creation, the Briar Rose inspired peasant girl dress from Sleeping Beauty. You know, the simple dress princess Aurora wears while picking berries in the forest for the three good fairies before she learns that she is really a princess? Growing up Princess Aurora was my favorite princess (before Ariel came along) and I always wanted to have her Briar Rose dress. I actually preferred it to the pink/blue one that the fairies made for her, so seeing my baby girl in a replica of the dress playing amongst the trees was pure magic for me—and for her as well. She loves Briar Rose! I made the dress a week and a half ago and every day she has been asking me to let her wear her “I know you dress.” (I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream…) Anyway, I had a lot of fun with this dress and now other little ones can too. Here are some photos Keith took of Chloe in the Briar Rose/Sleeping Beauty dress yesterday. Pure sweetness.

Briar Rose by Chloe Michelle's Closet

Chloe modeling the Briar Rose peasant girl dress inspired by Sleeping Beauty

My little Briar Rose running through the forest

My little Briar Rose prancing through the forest

That’s all I have today folks. Thank you so much for coming by and reading my blog, and stay tuned for some new princess inspired dresses coming soon! Love & Lollipops, Crystal


About chloemichellescloset

Crystal Silvas is a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom to two beautiful children in sunny San Diego, Ca. She is the owner and designer of Chloe Michelle's Closet, boutique style tutus and other frilly things. She loves the beach, singing, sewing, crafting and Disneyland trips with her family. She especially loves all things frilly and girly.
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